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Jazz: Currently Spinning

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The classification of Ragtime is not clear: it's not really jazz, and it's not quite classical.  But I think of it as being closer to jazz, even though it is composed, not improvised.  Doesn't really matter, it's all good!


Scott Joplin: Piano Rags - played by Joshua Rifkin, is on Nonesuch (not Vanguard). I think it's essential piano ragtime.
The 1970 album was followed up with Vol 2 and Vol 3, Vols 1+2 were reissued as a double album.
The CD contains Vol 1 and is filled with part of Vol 2.
I almost wore out my sister's copy of this album when I was young (although she gave me her copy, I've replaced the LP with a better copy now, and augmented it with the other volumes).



Many think of ragtime as a piano genre, but it was also popular with bands.  I've been enjoying this CD recently

Joplin: The Red Back Book - New England Ragtime Conservatory (does not have 2 piano tracks on the original LP)
Elite Syncopations - Southland Stingers
(fills the remainder of the CD).


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Louis Armstrong ‎– Hot Fives And Sevens (complete)



Armstrong is at his best on these recordings.

This set has John RT Davies' mastering, which makes it the best quality of all the issues of these disks.

(look for Davies masterings on the "Jazz Greats" magazine CDs which can be picked up very cheaply, again, his mastering is the best around). 



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