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    • Every news or article has a personal opinion. I think it's up to the reader to read and judge it. I also have a different opinion, but there are some things I agree with. 카지노사이트
    • New member and first post!    Good evening everybody, I'm in the market for a network player max budget is €550 [ 500 sterling] my current set up is a Marantz CD6005 and  PM8005 amplifier. Speakers are KEF LS50's.. Looking for the best software for the money. The app playback and SQ and build quality is a priority not the bells and whistles. The network player is replacing a Yamaha NP s303. I found the Yamaha very cheap, it's lightweight, inside the unit is very poor. The screen is below average. The Yamaha has already been fixed once so it's time to replace. I will attach a image of the inside of the unit. Seems overpriced to be honest..    Looking for some recommendations to demo once the restrictions are lifted. 
    • Hi    Im after a new hifi system as im so unhappy listening to music through the 5.1 system.    After looking around i think iv settled on the marantz Pm7000n as music library will be streaming from Spotify or amazon hd.   The bit i need help with is the speakers!   They need to be wall mounted! I know this is not the best but its unavoidable in my apartment.   The only one's iv found are q acoustic 3020i Can anyone advice on other speakers that will work on brackets close to wall?  Once i have a few options i can go have a listen.  Thanks in advance 
    • System Audio Loudspeaker Range Now Available in UK Through Karma-AV View the full article
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