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  1. G'day @JayGarrett Cool to see another Metal Thread here... and one of the first listed. Well done man. Looking forward to reading and posting. We have a few seriously knowledgeable MetalHeads on StereoNet.au... hopefully they will contribute here too. Keep that faith mate. Regards... Ant. Edit - just checked your profile. I thought this was a new forum... seems to have been up a couple of years already.
  2. Hi there folks. Anthony from Australia... known as BuzzzFuzzz on StereoNet.au. Great to see the forum spreading around the globe. Looking forward to getting to know some new contributors from the U.K. I have been a member for three years... have learned more in that time than my previous 50 years. I've met and made new friends, with our shared interest / hobby / obsession... and picked up some genuine bargains along the way... from other enthusiasts who care for their gear. A very reliable source of equipment and information. I'm into all music ( yet to ventur
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