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  1. Hi guys, I am looking to purchase a new set of passive speakers and an amp (eventually a sub as well) and would like some views and advice. I want a sound that is room filling with a good strong bass. But I want it to be detailed to bring out some of the subtleties in music I have missed before. I listen to a fairly wide range of stuff but it will mainly be electronica, ambient and some techno. I also like to play metal and occasionally a bit of Genesis. My room will be a small to medium size and rectangular. (Not sure if that makes a difference for advice) I have nar
  2. Hi guys. First time on a forum but I've outgrown my current set up and I'm looking for advice from people who know what they are talking about. Been DJing for 10 years and dabbling in production for about the same, although neither to a very high standard ha ha. I've recently notice a growing obsession building as I've looked into systems and the factors that influence their performance and the different options and results some pairings seem to be able to achieve. So any help and guidance you can send my way will be greatfully received. Gracias
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