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  1. Welcome @danypyt - thanks for joining and we look forward to your contributions.
  2. For me I'd most certainly have to include a pair of small active loudspeakers - probably the KEF LSX or LS50 Wireless (especially the new Meta versions), and maybe add an affordable turntable. With Roon, Airplay etc built-in, there's really nothing more to buy. Spend the change on TIDAL/Qobuz/Roon subscriptions.
  3. Welcome @LConn - look forward to your contributions!
  4. Great intro @Psychoacoustic - welcome to StereoNET UK and I look forward to your contributions. Congratulations on your marriage and new life in UK 🙂
  5. For convenience, they're hard to beat really, either for music on the go or even for Zooming now - it seems every person they cross to on live TV now has an Airpod hanging from one ear!
  6. Always admired the Tag Mclaren gear, but sadly it had all but disappeared before I was in the position to be able to afford any of it!
  7. Welcome @Willowhayne - thanks for joining and we look forward to your contributions.
  8. Welcome @Wt2323 - looking forward to your contributions!
  9. Welcome both. Great to see you over here. Early days and definitely some more discussions needed. Hope you can both contribute! 🙂
  10. UK pricing just announced on this one too: https://www.stereonet.co.uk/news/samsungs-the-premier-4k-short-throw-laser-projectors-launched
  11. Hi @Mikeyevs - Epson have just announced this one: https://www.stereo.net.au/news/epson-announces-epiqvision-eh-ls300b-laser-tv No word on UK pricing and availability as yet, but @JayGarrett will be the first to know when and if they come to UK.
  12. Sounds fun! As long as you're enjoying it that's the main thing. It's a shame to see so many streaming services crippling the Atmos content. I guess it's a bandwidth problem that hopefully improves in time. Deepwater Horizon is one excellent Atmos film with loads of overhead effects. You might need the BR though to truly get the most out of it.
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