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    Listened to some Stravinsky. The Mercury Living Presence 3-microphone recordings are stunning, esp. when you consider that they were recorded in the 1950's. And I have the redbook CD, I believe the SACD is better.
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    I downloaded Alonso Lobo's most famous motet - Versa Est in Luctum, in 7 different versions for comparison. Those were: Gabrieli Consort (McCreesh) Christophers Sixteen Stile Antico Tenebrae (Nigel Short) Oxford Camerata (Summerly) Tallis Scholars (Phillips) Monteverdi Choir (Gardiner) There's quite a difference between these, even though the composition is from the early 1600's. In any case, this is proving to be a great way to learn about this period's music, but just as important is learning how different choirs interpret the music.
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    thats some funky music there @JayGarrett. Ricords or Vinyl depending on what side of the globe you’re in! has made a dramatic comeback in Melbourne. We have a large chain called JB HIFI. If you walk into there music section where all the CDs are there is now a large area dedicated for vinyl! I’ve seen young and old all walk of life standing there flicking through the selections and then buying them not just a few but dozens! It’s so interesting that what was almost extinct has come full circle back into fashion. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/Music-on-Vinyl/
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    Another excellent read @davidavdavid It will be a sad day if/when the record shops disappear from our high streets for good. Right now they appear to be on the endangered species list, but they are hanging on in there. Do we need them? This is something oft asked of me from the 'streaming generation'. I do stream audio but one thing that they haven't quite got right is the recommendation algorithms. At the moment, they will suggest something similar to what you've already listened to. It makes sense - if you like that, you'll like this. However, I cannot be the only one who has walked in to a record store and been blown away by what was being played over the speakers and needed to buy it, right there, right then. One distinct occasion was during a trip to London when I still lived in South Yorkshire, naturally a visit to Tower Records *had* to happen. Mooching around the Jazz section suddenly some funky fusion came over the loudspeakers. It had a solid groove, excellent horns but also some jazz bite. I was entranced. I headed over to the counter to see the sleeve propped up on the 'Now Playing' stand: Maceo Parker - Life on Planet Groove. I made the purchase within seconds. Now, at the time I was mostly listening to rock and metal (little has changed, actually) so, if I wholly relied upon computer algorithms to suggest other artists, I very much doubt that James Brown's saxophonist would have featured heavily. Here is a YouTube link but you really ought to hear it properly.
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