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  2. Naim Uniti Star and Nova Get DAB/FM Radio Module Option View the full article
  3. Naim Unity Star and Nova Get DAB/FM Radio Module Option View the full article
  4. Jamo Concert 9 2-Channel and Home Cinema Series Updated View the full article
  5. The bargain-priced Marshall Major III was a shot in the dark for me, and it paid off - not so great without an equalizer, but excellent with. Great comfort, good quality build if you get the genuine article, decent aesthetics. I highly recommended it based on the stipulations in this review. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/marshall-major-iii-on-ear-bluetooth-headphone-review.4544/
  6. Denon Adds AVR-X2600H and AVR-X1600H AV Receivers to the X-Series View the full article
  7. Wharfedale Linton Makes a Heritage Come-Back With Space for You Vinyl View the full article
  8. AirPlay 2 Comes to McIntosh RS200 and Arcam rPlay - More Added Later View the full article
  9. McIntosh C49 Preamp Features Future-Resistant DAC and Plenty of Ins and Outs View the full article
  10. CanJam London 2019 Dates and Details View the full article
  11. iFi Aurora All-In-One System Launched at High End Munich 2019 View the full article
  12. Audiodinamica BeCube Headphone Amplifier First Listen View the full article
  13. M2Tech Marley MkII Headphone Amplifier Available Soon View the full article
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  15. High End Munich 2019: Black Melco N10 and N100 Added and Melco Intelligent Music Library Software Debut View the full article
  16. High End Munich 2019: Vertere DG-1 Direct Groove Record Player Launched - Affordable High-End Turntable View the full article
  17. iFi Launches Its Long Awaited Aurora All-In-One System at High End Munich 2019 View the full article
  18. VIZIO Breaks into UK with Bang-for-Buck DTS Virtual:X 2.1 Soundbar View the full article
  19. LINLEY X Ruark Tempo DAB Radio Features Bespoke Marquetry and Exclusive Price Tag View the full article
  20. Audeze LCD-GX Gaming Headphones Launched at High End Munich 2019 View the full article
  21. Onkyo Aquisition by Sound United Which Includes Denon, Marantz, Classe, Definitive Technology Moves Forward View the full article
  22. Elite Audio Becomes Mark Levinson Dealer View the full article
  23. HighResAudio Streaming Comes to MOON MiND 2 Networked Components View the full article
  24. Continuing with the music samples aspect of my Pioneer HDJ-X10c review, the following are a few of the "odds and ends" I've picked up in the process of reviewing headphones. The sound of most of these tracks is sufficiently good to complement any decent headphone, but they show off the HDJ-X10c's sonic qualities as well as anything I've heard. Some of these may be hard to find, particularly in the exact mix/remix. Le Voyage Dans La Lune: Soundtrack to a hand-painted color movie. A terrific variety of sounds that show off the excellent audio qualities of the HDJ-X10c. Muse - Madness: Strong bass line with mass vocals. Clearly delineated by the HDJ-X10c. Mylene Farmer - Desenchantee: French vocal over a driving bass beat. Very enjoyable with the HDJ-X10c. Robyn Hitchcock - Autumn Is Your Last Chance: Acoustic/electric guitar with compelling vocal. Pure class as reproduced by the HDJ-X10c. Samantha James - Amber Sky: Reverberant instrumentation and ethereal vocal. Dreamy stuff that sounds amazing on the HDJ-X10c. Satchmode - Best Intentions: Atmospheric vocals over a very decent bass line. Exquisite reproduction by the HDJ-X10c. Sneaker Pimps - Underground (Nellee Hooper Mix): Slow-paced club music with female vocal and subtle but very effective bass impacts. The bass in this track will be appreciated only in a quiet listening spot. Soliquid - Shibuya (Paul Keeley Remix): Eight minutes and 50 seconds of heavenly beats and awesome musical synth effects as heard with the HDJ-X10c. Stones and Bones - Love Lockdown: Ibiza 2014 track with a very spacious atmosphere and a bit of contrapuntal vocal. Outstanding on the HDJ-X10c. Susanne Sundfor - Accelerate: High-ambiance noise with decent bass impacts and reverberant vocals. The HDJ-X10c makes this track come alive. Third Sex - Monster Snack: One of the best of the Goth/RiotGrrrl genre, available on the Free To Fight CD. Somewhat primitive sound with aggressive vocal, but there ya go - as good as it gets with this headphone. Three-11 Porter - Surround Me With Your Love: Pleasant male-female vocal mix against a big-ambiance backdrop. Lush presentation by the HDJ-X10c. Visage - Fade To Grey: Atmospheric and reverberant recording supported by a luscious synth line. The HDJ-X10c plays this perfectly. When Saints Go Machine - Love And Respect: Super-energetic music with reverberant vocal counterpoint. Strong bass impacts delivered cleanly by the HDJ-X10c. Yaz - Situation: Bright pop-EDM music from the past. Played exquisitely by the HDJ-X10c.
  25. Hiugh End Munich 2019: Naim Audio Mu-so 2nd Generation has more bass, HDMI ARC and a nifty control dial View the full article
  26. HARMAN Luxury Audio Studio Adds Exclusive Experience to Munich Store View the full article
  27. High End Munich 2019: Garrard 301 Transcriptor Turntable Makes Updated Appearance View the full article
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