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  2. Node Audio appoints DavidHugh (HeXu) as Chinese distributor View the full article
  3. Chord Company C-jack 3.5mm aux cable is ready for your new audio tech this Christmas View the full article
  4. Audio Engineers ZeroPads Active isolation feet coming to the UK View the full article
  5. Technics OTTAVA MK2 streaming CD-player all-in-one available for Christmas View the full article
  6. Last week
  7. Ruark x LINLEY sees luxury marquerty skills adorn the Amplis Audio System View the full article
  8. Stephen Dawson says this Norwegian integrated gives enjoyable digital and analogue listening in a reasonably priced package… View the full article
  9. I bought these for phone call usage, but as they work well for every audio element in the Apple Ecosystem I have been using them for music too. Not as good as fancy IEMs I own, but they are so convenient I rarely use anything else now. Also great with Apple TV for watching movies privately Anyone else?
  10. Are there no dealers where you are? Valencia? Listening is still your best bet, but I realise cannot always be done.
  11. I used to know a few friends with TGM kit, all ex-employees, but not anymore. Must be stuff around though, it was well built.
  12. Cheers, @BuzzzFuzzz Well, we started the forum shortly after opening StereoNET UK but we're now putting in the comfy chairs and hoping people will settle in. Good to know there's other metallers here 🤘🙂🤘
  13. Polk Audio Legend and Definitive Technology Demand loudspeakers now IMAX Enhanced Certified View the full article
  14. Beovision Contour - Bang & Olufsen's smallest OLED TV yet View the full article
  15. Lumin introduces infrared control package for its entire range View the full article
  16. borg.audio announces Roon Ready status for its dune and warp streaming preamps View the full article
  17. Neat Acoustics ORKESTRA compact 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker announced View the full article
  18. David Price auditions a limited edition audiophile vinyl pressing of a nineteen-fifties jazz classic… View the full article
  19. Hello from down under
  20. G'day @JayGarrett Cool to see another Metal Thread here... and one of the first listed. Well done man. Looking forward to reading and posting. We have a few seriously knowledgeable MetalHeads on StereoNet.au... hopefully they will contribute here too. Keep that faith mate. Regards... Ant. Edit - just checked your profile. I thought this was a new forum... seems to have been up a couple of years already.
  21. Hi there folks. Anthony from Australia... known as BuzzzFuzzz on StereoNet.au. Great to see the forum spreading around the globe. Looking forward to getting to know some new contributors from the U.K. I have been a member for three years... have learned more in that time than my previous 50 years. I've met and made new friends, with our shared interest / hobby / obsession... and picked up some genuine bargains along the way... from other enthusiasts who care for their gear. A very reliable source of equipment and information. I'm into all music ( yet to ventur
  22. Jay Garrett digs his digits with this finely designed, affordable network bridge… View the full article
  23. Hi everyone great to be here on UK StereoNET, This is a great forum to belong to
  24. Earlier
  25. Dynaudio Heritage Special limited-edition hand-made standmount speakers boast classic looks and modern tech View the full article
  26. RHA TrueControl ANC true wireless earphones now available on pre-order View the full article
  27. Cambridge Audio Edge M monoblock power amps join the 50th anniversary range View the full article
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