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  3. Presto Music music streaming feature added to top Jazz and Classical online store View the full article
  4. Presto Music music streaming feature added to top Jazz and Classical online store View the full article
  5. hello, I want to share a roon coupon that give you 30 days free on subscription plus normal 14 days test offered by the site... it is a very good deal and occasion to test this very good software and its new version 1.8 lets’ share your ideas ! thanks davide https://roonlabs.com/r/frzfBmGbEECNIIWlBthYnA
  6. Musical Fidelity M3x Vinyl phono pre-amplifier now available View the full article
  7. I was going to buy a Marantz CD6006 but decided to wait and I'm glad I did, I bought the next model the 6007. This is effectively is 3 pieces of gear in one box. Unlike the previous 6006 it has a digital player built in with a very good DAC. - AK4490. Can you find a Marantz dealer who can let you demo external DACS with a 6006 ?
  8. The right position for your speakers is the one that your ears say is the best and to reach that objective is simple, buy a pair of furniture moving dollies or moveable plant dollies. They come with ultra strong castors, most will take around 150 K. The beauty of these dollies is that when you have put your speakers onto these dollies you can literally move them with one finger and micro adjust the position. By marking down the final position, if on carpet, use any kind of sticky (easy to remove) tape or wooden floor a lead pencil. Because it is so easy to move the speakers without gett
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  10. Erzetich Gold II audiophile-grade gold-plated independent music compilation now available View the full article
  11. Melco firmware update 4.10 adds Roon 1.8 Readiness to EX Series View the full article
  12. T+A Caruso R streaming all-in-one amp and two new loudspeaker models join Caruso lifestyle range View the full article
  13. David Price auditions a top floorstander from a distinguished Finnish line… View the full article
  14. DS Audio shares its optical cartridge schematics in bid to become popular, not unique View the full article
  15. Aragon Titanium amplifier joins Iridium in the company's Elements Collection View the full article
  16. LG's webOS Smart TV system licensed to over twenty TV brands View the full article
  17. Aragon Titanium and Iridium amplifiers launches the company's Elements Collection View the full article
  18. Hi all, I`m Martin, live in the Netherlands. Normaly i`m into tube amplifiers but vintage recievers or amps is my interest too. Just a friend gave me a Sansui A60 complely working condition. But on the headphone i could hear the rattle of the 50Hz (230Vac country) so im thinking over to recap the amp course this one has got a nice build. All nichicon and elna electrolytes , only i dislike opamps so i had a spare old Burson V3 discrete opamp. Quick tested oh yes much better. But i found another user in here who has done this job in 2015 as i have read. M
  19. Wilson Audio Alexx V loudspeakers teased ahead of its launch in March View the full article
  20. Jay Garrett points his ears at a serious-sounding Scandinavian floorstander… View the full article
  21. NAD Electronics launches its MDC USB DSD module bringing asynchonous USB hi-res streaming to a range of amplifiers View the full article
  22. Thank you guys. As the setup is in a room that will be completely renovated in the future it is only a trial version. However for a room that is everything but a rectangle with multiple corners the quality and effect I have from my modest kit impresses even the wife. I am using the following 5.1.2 system, Denon AVR-X2600, a pair of Mission M73i mains, a pair of Elac surrounds, Mission centre and a pair of Micca MC-8 set above the MLP all viewed on a Sony KD65-XG9505. I am so impressed with the setup, just forgot, earth moving bass supplied by a BK XLS200 DF and my old repaired Tannoy SFX5.1. W
  23. Spotify HiFi CD-quality streaming coming later this year - how will it compete? View the full article
  24. Rafael Todes samples this pro audio power amplifier both in the studio and at home… View the full article
  25. A couple of analogue pics of the Teac A7300RX and the trusty Technics SL110/ SME 309/ Kiseki Blue NS
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  27. Yes - dust, especially fine dust such as from building work, can be a real problem for optical devices as the fine particles can easily cling to surfaces and attract static charges. We had our ceilings re-plastered and you wouldn't believe the thin layer of almost invisible dust that settled in the most inaccessible of places! It also seems to hang around for ages after the work has been finished too.
  28. Hi there @Jrussell88 You should get plenty of help with that here. Feel free to raise questions and start threads. Looking forward to watching you build your system up 🙂
  29. Looking forward to seeing some of your projects, @DeonC Feel free to start threads and share your system 🙂
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