An Evening with Luxman

Posted on 2nd September, 2015

When circuits are developed and transposed onto a circuit board the philosophy of ensuring natural tone is taken to a new level, while maintaining short signal paths the track layout is designed to limit sharp changes in direction for the signal paths by incorporating smooth radiuses. It is this level of commitment to the small details that confirms that Luxman is focussed on extracting detail and making every conceivable effort to remove restriction of signal flow to achieve aurally pleasurable sound.

The M-900u Power Amplifier, Class A/B by design delivers 150W into 8ohms and a burst power capacity of 1200W into 1ohm that operates in pure Class A for the first 12W, which is more than capable of comfortably filling a typical listening environment with clean and crisp sound. For those seeking more with the BLT connection this unit is capable of delivering a massive 600W in its monaural mode. The source of its energy is a massive transformer that on its own weighs 14kg, and with a compliment of carefully chosen discreet components and the propietary 'Only Distortion Negative Feedback' design, this amplifier has the capacity to translate complex music programmes with ease.

The D-08u Super Audio CD player in keeping with the passion for accuracy, starts the data retrieval process managed by the Luxman 'Original Disc Transport Mechanism', a precise laser assembly that's only role is to extrapolate the information stored on your treasured CD/SACD collection. The mechanism is supported by an aluminium chassis that is an impressive 9mm thick to shut out detrimental vibrations, with an added advantage of shielding the precise laser assembly from other elements of the player.

A further feature of the D-08u is its onboard DAC and USB input capable of resolving 384kHz 32bit PCM signals, taking music to a higher level and with a DSD source it offers a staggering 5.64MHz sampling speed. Understanding that there are more steps to the process of enjoying stored media Luxman have also created a management program that simplifies the way music files are accessed, further showing its commitment to making your listening experience as enjoyable as possible.

Looking forward to celebrating a century of high quality audio product development, Luxman is working very hard and investing intensively on R&D into new products to further enhance its position in the performance audio equipment arena. Spanning all areas the future will see Luxman producing everything from turntables, to media streaming devices that compliment their existing strengths in audio components. If you are in the market for a new system or enhancing your existing configuration then spending time with your local Luxman retailer will be time well invested.


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