Written By11: Rafael Todes


Magnepan LRS Loudspeakers Review

Real budget esoterica is few and far between – but this new quasi-ribbon loudspeaker properly fits the bill, says Rafael Todes…

Posted in: Hi-Fi Loudspeakers Floor Standing Applause Awards 2020


Luxman D-03X CD Player Review

Rafael Todes samples a Japanese silver disc spinner that’s high-end in every way, except its price…

Posted in: Hi-Fi DACs Sources CD Player Applause Awards 2020


Townshend Audio Allegri Reference Preamplifier Review

Rafael Todes auditions what he thinks to be one of the best high end preamplifiers in the world…

Posted in: Hi-Fi Amplifiers Preamplifiers Applause Awards 2020


dCS Network Bridge Review

Rafael Todes says this standalone network music player is one of the finest ways to hear streamed music around…

Posted in: Hi-Fi Sources Streaming Applause Awards 2020